An ultimate self-hosted music Discord bot, compatible with anything from YouTube to HTTP audio files
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DJ Pon-3

A music bot for Discord.

Platform Status

Platform Playback Search Batch enqueueing
YouTube Supported Supported Supported
Bandcamp Supported Not applicable Supported
SoundCloud Supported Supported Supported
Argon Supported Not applicable Supported
HTTP files Supported Not applicable Not applicable
Local files Not supported Not supported Not applicable

Why are some features 'Not applicable'?

  • Bandcamp, Search: yt-dlp does not support searching Bandcamp
  • Argon, Search: Argon does not have a search engine
  • HTTP files, Search: It is not possible to search for HTTP files
  • HTTP files, Batch enqueuing: There is no way to group multiple HTTP files together
  • Local files, Batch enqueuing: Local files are supposed to be unsorted, so queuing multiple files would be complicated