A fast web server meant to be used with Neutron
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» FNS Electrode «
developed with

A fast and powerful NodeJS web server for FNS Neutron.

  • Status: 💻 Actively maintained


  • Language: JavaScript
  • Started: December 2020
  • License: GNU General Public License 3.0
  • Website: https://mpcms.rf.gd


  • Install nodejs, npm, make, cmake, wget, zip, php, php-xdebug, php-gd
  • Clone the repository
  • Go to the cloned folder
  • Install everything: npm install
  • Set the listen port in the /config/network.json file
  • Do chmod -R +x *
  • Start: npm start
  • Open your web browser to the port specified in the config


Issues are reported either on Minteck Projects' bug tracker or using GitHub issues.