An attempt at making a JS-compatible programming language
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To compile a single Mint file (.mt), run the following command:

node ./_mint/index.js /path/to/the/mint/file

The compiled Mint file is placed in /_build. If your file was named, the compiled file will be placed in _build/something.js.

Example program

@mint.lang.StdIO; // Load the (built-in) StdIO module

global version = "1.1"; // Global variables
const amigood = true;   // Local constants

fn test() { // Functions
    if (version == "1.1") { // Conditions can be in parenthesis...
        if version != "1.0" { // ... or not
            yeet mint.lang.SomethingException("woopsies");
            // Throw an error (SomethingException if it exists, else just InternalExeption)
    if version == "1.0" {
        StdIO.stdout.writeln("hello world, this is version fn ${version}"); // Display text (with variables)
        StdIO.stdout.writeln("you gotta yeet at something");
    } else {
        yeet mint.lang.OutOfBoundsException("woopsies");
        // Throw an error (OutOfBoundsException)

test(); // Call the defined function