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Sunsetting Twilight in May 2022

The Twilight Package Manager was initially created to help me update my own software more easily, faster and all at once, and it was well serving that purpose. But since the installation of Minteck TeamCity, the need for such a program was reduced since the deployment can be integrated as part of continuous integration.

Furthermore, Twilight was very limited and it was very hard to add (pre)compiled packages to the repositories. It was also slow, sometimes buggy, and not extensible.

With that said, the Twilight Package Manager is now in an extended maintenance state. Unlike some other projects such as Neutron (which is in extended maintenance too), Twilight depends on external servers to run properly. These external servers will stop working in May (the exact date and time will be announced later); and currently precompiled projects have been removed from the repositories (most notably Kartik).

Twilight will be non-functional after the servers have been stopped and you will be directed to uninstall the application.


A Git-based package manager made for Minteck's infrastructure and other things

Install on Windows:

cmd /c 'curl > "%temp%\install.bat" && "%temp%\install.bat"'

Install on Linux (x86_64 or ARM64):

bash -c "$(curl$(uname -p).sh)"

Install on macOS (Intel x86 or Apple Silicon):

bash -c "$(curl$(uname -p).sh)"

Notice: Twilight Package Manager is experimental on macOS, use with caution.